Welcome to the Class of ’60 website. Its purpose is to create a vehicle to facilitate class reunions, offer a way for classmates to communicate with each other, to remember those classmates who have passed on, and to provide a variety of photos and information pertaining to our heritage and past. 

You are encouraged to enter information in the “Classmates” section including updates to your profile. Here is your chance to create a “mini autobiography” and leave a bit behind for posterity.  Your input, be it interesting stories, pictures, or news, will be much appreciated and will make the site that much better.

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Since our 50th year reunion, added features include Classmates' birthdays under the Calendar menu option and Family Photos under Photo Albums. If you have family or OTHER photos to submit for any category under Photo Albums, please click on the "upload your photos" in the approriate album and follow the instructions. You also may e-mail your photos to Mike Rose (mjrgres1@verizon.net) and he will load them. Please add the necessary captions to each photo. Or, you may click on the Contact Us button to the left to comment or ask for help. 

Photos from the 70th Birthday Party, in September 2012, also have been added. A few need identification of names with faces. If you can help, please tell us the photo number and provide the names. 

Also in Photo Albums, our industrious Bruce Menzel has contributed new sections: "Our Waukesha 40s and 50s Pictures"  and "The Attic."  Search your household to see if you have photos you want added to the website.  

"The Attic" you click on to the left is different.  It is for text, not photos, and allows you to relate memories or stories to help us relive mutually happy times there. Notice that you can directly contribute by clicking on "Add a new comment" on the right side of the page.

A while back, other photo additions included "Were You There" and "Memories from a Long Time Ago."  

If you have photos to add to any section, please inform Mike Rose (mjrgres1@verizon.net) or Bruce (bmenzel18@comcast.net). Alternatively, click on the Contact Us button to the left and we will try to be of assistance.

Finally, check out the "Links" button.  This section allows you to click on a hyperlink to reach old 45 rpm music, the Waukesha South High School website, individuals who are listed on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall, and websites for high school classes that preceded and followed ours.   

Praise to thee in word and song.
Thy light shall ever be...
A beacon clear and strong.
We will always work and fight...
to uphold thee in thy might.
We shall guard thy fame and adore the name
Waukesha, all praise to the.
                                                            WHS Fight Song
Oh when the Shirts go marching in, oh when the Shirts go marching in, we’re going to chalk up another victory, when the Shirts go marching in.
We got the coach, we got the team, we’ve got the pep, we’ve got the steam, we’re going to chalk up another victory, when the Shirts go marching in.
We’re going to cheer, we’re going to score, we’re going to cheer and score some more, we’re going to chalk up another victory, when the Shirts go marching in.
That’s all there is, there ain’t no more, that’s all there is there ain’t no more, we’re going to chalk up another victory, when the Shirts go marching in.
Senior Class Officers
Fred Chlupp, president; Mike Rose, vice president;
Jim Riebe, secretary; Doug Wapp, treasurer
Cliff Goerke, Principal
Cliff Goerke, Principal
Bob Duckett,  Vice-Principal
Bob Duckett, Vice-Principal


DISCLAMER:  This website is strictly for your enjoyment and entertainment.  It is an effort to bring back special memories of our high school and an effort to help the classmates of 1960 contact one another.  We in no way mean to offend anyone viewing this website,  with its contents or its images.  The information in this website has been obtained by sources we deem reliable, and we have no way to guarantee its accuracy.

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